Panelist at the TRILUX Roundtable on Human Performance

9. November 2022
3 Min.
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A lot going on in the first lighting industry roundtable at the Metaverse.
A lot going on in the first lighting industry roundtable at the Metaverse.
3 Min. To be there when history is being made. Today I had this opportunity as a panelist at the first hybrid roundtable of the lighting industry in the Metaverse and simultaneously in the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg.

Together with Joachim Geiger, CSO and CMO at TRILUX, I spoke there – virtually live from Oman – on the subject of human performance.

Joachim Geiger (centre) in conversation at the VW Arena in Wolfsburg.

In addition to me, other experts and numerous guests were present on site at the VW Arena in Wolfsburg – and as avatars in the Metaverse, including:


  • Porsche racing driver Neel Janie,
  • creative lighting luminary Fabian Seewald,
  • the CEO of DUNDU, a strategic partner of VW on the subject of autonomous driving.

Dressing my avatar in the Metaverse.

Together we talked about architecture, artificial intelligence, entertainment – and the special challenges of all innovative industries – especially with regard to human performance as well as mindset and actset.

Of course, I was right on topic

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