3-min clip about Wim Hof workshop in Poland

Ice video scores 100,000 views on YouTube

3. May 2022
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< 1 Min. I am very happy that my YouTube video about my Poland Ice Transformation has now been viewed over 100 000 times! 2 hours of shirtless mountain hiking in shorts - with a wind chill down to -19 degrees?! Together with 60 people from all over the world I learned incredible breathing techniques, ice baths and other great tools.

After more than 2 hours in the cold, a layer of ice has formed on the back of my neck. In the hut on Mount Sniezka we warm up before we descend again dressed. The really amazing thing I notice only the next day: Nobody sneezes or coughs. No one has caught a cold!

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Topless on the Feldberg in winter

9 Min. January 2018, Black Forest, Southern Germany: Together with my Ice Buddies I wad through knee-deep snow, jump into ice-cold lakes and finally boot up the snow-covered Feldberg. All topless, mind you. So what’s it about?

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