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Media kit 2024

In this brand new 28-page media kit, I show you my work as an adventure journalist and speaker. It’s about the things I’m really passionate about. Get inspired!

Malte Clavin – the adventurer

Adventures are my thing. Caves, ice, deserts, jungles. I expose myself to the unknown to make the best use of what I’ve been given. And to learn. To dissolve self-imposed limits and discover new territories – in the world and in myself.

So I always see adventure trips as an update and innovation of my personality: I let go of something – encrusted belief systems, anxieties, mental baggage – and gain something new: experience, courage and self-efficacy. From this I can draw anew every day, in every situation in life.


Growth does not take place in the comfort zone, but always outside – in the ‘come-before zone’. Adventure travel offers many of these come-before zones. If you are not prepared to face discomforts, fears and limits – you will not advance in the terrain. And certainly not in character. What applies on the outside also applies to the inner terrain, the mental, the personality: only when I let go of something, leave it behind, put it behind me – fears, worries, belief systems, self-imposed boundaries – then ‘progress’ happens in the truest sense. And that is what every human being needs.



By expeditions I mean journeys with an increased degree of physical exertion, privation, few amenities or with exploratory ambitions. Examples are cave explorations, jungle excursions, desert crossings or data collection in the Arctic Ocean.

All Expeditions…

General definitions speak of expeditions as ‘journeys of exploration into unexplored territories’. To my mind, unexplored territories can also lie within one’s own personality.

More on this in ‘Philosophy’…


Cold, altitude, darkness, remoteness, wild animals – they all have one thing in common: fear. My fear. At one point in time I decided to tackle these increasingly annoying fears. Many turned out to be mirages, they literally dissolved. Unimagined freedom unfolded in me. I wanted more of that. Since then I have been examining my fears (often on longer journeys) – and then been walking through them. I call this a ‘challenge’..

All Challenges…


We travelled the world three times as a family – father, mother, two daughters – for a total of 18 months. We lived in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Bali, Sri Lanka, Malaysia (including Borneo) and Brunei. The experiences we had – unforgettable! Worth many times the expense. The best exchange rate ever. The decision to do these trips? One of the best of my life. If not the best.


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My DISCOVERY LETTER provides you with adventurous impulses, insights and challenges to take part in.


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