Why you should book me

  1. I only talk about subjects that I am passionate about. Those that I myself have experienced, lived through, and sometimes even survived.
  2. In doing so, I like to turn conventional opinions upside down.
  3. In my speeches you will learn things that you will not be taught anywhere else.
  4. My speeches advance your audience. Always.
  5. I believe in the fabulous power of the individual. That everyone is capable of unleashing their power. In that, everyone needs impulses to break out of the madness of normality and do what they were created to do: to achieve great things! For yourself, your environment, your company. Out of a genuine, natural drive, fuelled by an inexhaustible source of inner energy!

Treat yourself and your audience to captivating, entertaining and transforming impulses. Equip yourself and your team with fresh tools for future challenges. Book an unforgettable experience.


Talk | Keynote

Into the unknown!

Getting a grip on the future with the DISCOVERY PRINCIPLE

  • THESIS/KEY MESSAGE: Confronting and dealing with the unknown always offers companies and individuals the greatest opportunities for the future.
  • BENEFIT: Learn how to get a grip on the big impediments – uncertainty, disorientation, loss of control, complexity, fear of the future. And turn them into real successes.


Talk | Keynote

From Scaredy-Cat to Alpha Animal

Attention! Taboo subject! How to get rid of fear

Now be completely honest: you read ‘fear’ and think “This is not for us.” Please believe me: then this talk is exactly for you. Put one benefit of the talk into practice right now: Be brave! And book it. You will not regret it. I am so convinced that I can even guarantee you that.

  • THESIS/KEY MESSAGE: Fear is still a huge taboo subject for companies. Fear is considered a performance killer. Wrong! Because fear holds enormous growth potential for people and companies!
  • BENEFIT: Learn how to oust fears and positively-productively transform them. Into more energy, more courage, more efficiency, more personality! Learn how to turbo-charge your way out of fear.


References (selection)

„Over 500 Trilux participants voted Malte’s keynote as the winner“

Joachim Geiger

„Malte Clavin’s speeches are real border crossings”

Ramin Houchmand
Managing Director

„I am extremely satisfied and thrilled! Definitely recommend him“

Fabio Pasinetti
Chief Operating Officer

„Valuable combination of creativity, determination and spirituality“

Fuat Akar
Managing Director

„One of the best lectures in recent years and without a doubt one of the top ten!“

Stefan Juchert
Event Manager

„Deep life and management experience. Reflective, spiritual personality.“

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Weimann
Management-Consultant and Speaker

„Brilliant. Goosebumps. Maximum personality boost.“

Stephan Christ
Managing Director

„The audience thanked deeply touched with standing ovations“

Dieter Glogowski
Organizer Weitsicht-Festival


Live Report

WORLD CLASS| The World as a Classroom

18 months of exploring, amazement and limitless education

With our daughters Amelie and Smilla we flew three times to Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia/Borneo/Brunei – a total of 18 months.

“Our journeys have been worth many times the expense. Because our travel experiences are like deposits into a psychological bank account that matures over time into a valuable treasure of life. We always carry this treasure with us, no one can take it away from us – and we can draw from it at all times.”

The presentation, professionally programmed with Wings Platinum and digitally projected with a high-performance beamer in full HD on a cinema size screen, reports on our journeys with toddler, kindergarten child and schoolchild.


 Live Report

BURMA | Gold, Ghosts and Giants

An insider tip – to this day

Golden Burma – hardly a traveller who does not return from this country deeply moved.

“And then a golden wonder rose on the horizon, a luminous shining wonder that shone in the sun. This is Burma and it will be like no other country that you know. “(Rudyard Kipling wrote about the Shwedagon Pagoda as early as 1889).

In the live report, the viewer looks right into the life of a largely unknown world. Profound and comprehensive.


Live Report


Long-term project – in production.

This talk is a genuflection to the creative power, beauty and uniqueness of nature.

According to UNESCO, natural World Heritage Sites are “natural formations, geological and physiographical features and natural sites of outstanding universal value”.

I have been working on this project for years, visiting Vietnam, New Caledonia, Costa Rica, Jordan, Greenland, Canada, Brazil and a few other countries. More destinations are in the pipeline.