Two lessons for life

Two lessons for life

My heart beats like crazy. The lioness appears in our range of vision. She looks around and then stares directly at us. I will never forget those piercing eyes. And then something else happens that I will never forget: The lioness roars! She is 25 metres away and...

This man showed me what one can endure

This man showed me what one can endure

My three fellow travellers and I wear hiking boots, functional clothing, rain gear, and a day pack. Today, on the last and most difficult day of the ascent, we will be asked to do a lot again. But that's exactly what I love about such adventures: When nature really...

Keeping calm amidst a roaring environment

Keeping calm amidst a roaring environment

Deafening noise, soaking wet clothes, slippery stones - not an easy undertaking, quite respectable and definitely exciting - that is the waterfall I'm in right now. Then I see Johnny lingering still in the midst of the thundering, raging forces. Nothing can distract...

Malte Clavin

Malte Clavin is speaker, adventurer and management consultant.

As a SPEAKER he has inspired over 19,000 people in 18 countries. His topics are courage, risk and mindset. More…

As a ADVENTURER he has been travelling the world for over 30 years. Remote wildernesses like the arctic, the jungle, the desert are his thing. More…

As a MANAGEMENT ADVISOR he has been in demand worldwide since 1996. He has supported more than 40 digital projects in 12 countries. More…

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