What’s better than courage?

What’s better than courage?

When you are at the edge of your comfort zone or feel fear, you have two options: A and B. Let's look at option B first. You act courageously. That's good. No matter what the outcome: You learn and grow. But you don't always have to be courageous. You can still choose...

La Réunion photo gallery

La Réunion photo gallery

Lust auf Island? Begleiten Sie mich im Frühjahr 2022 für eine Woche nach Island! Inkl. einem exklusivem Workshop mit Andri Einarsson, Eisbad, faszinierendem Know-how, Schwimmen in der Natur, Gletscherexkursionen, Eishöhlen, Naturschauspielen und vielem mehr. Wir...

The brown lagoon – a bath outside the comfort zone

The brown lagoon – a bath outside the comfort zone

Focusing on myself, I take off my clothes and carefully step into the water. My very first dip in an iced coffee. The 'ice refresher training' with Andri Einarsson gives me confidence, even more the presence of my buddy Christian. I would not have done this alone. I...

Malte Clavin

Malte Clavin is speaker, adventurer and management consultant.

As SPEAKER he has inspired over 19,000 people in 18 countries. His topics are courage, risk and mindset. More…

As ADVENTURER he has been travelling the world for over 30 years. Remote wildernesses like the arctic, the jungle, the desert are his thing. More…

As MANAGEMENT ADVISOR he has been in demand worldwide since 1996. He has supported more than 40 digital projects in 12 countries. More…

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