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Berliner finds paradise in the deepest cave on earth

21. April 2017
3 Min.
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Photographer Malte Clavin (50) travelled 11,000 kilometres and took breathtaking pictures in Vietnam
3 Min. I wouldn't have dreamed of it a few years ago either: me in the newspaper BILD: "Barren gorges alternating with densely overgrown rainforests. Low-hanging clouds make the shots seem mystical."

Barren gorges alternate with densely overgrown rainforests. Low-hanging clouds give the shots a mystical look. We are looking at the Son Doong Cave (Pronounced: Son Dohn) in Vietnam. Discovered in 1991, opened up in 2010 and from 2014 accessible to 30 visitors a year. One of them is Malte Clavin (50) from Kreuzberg.

The Berliner found paradise in the deepest hole on earth!

In the BZ, the adventurer and photographer shows his holiday pictures.

At 11,000 kilometres from Berlin, in Phong Nha Ka Bang National Park, lies the largest cave in the world. The length of the TV tower fits in there 22 times. Son Doong is up to 200 metres high. “It makes you feel minuscule,” says Malte Clavin.

The entrance to the mega-cave is 50 kilometres north of the provincial capital Dong Hoi. To reach it, Clavin’s travel group, including 20 local porters, treks through the jungle for an entire day. They sleep in tents. The expedition underground lasts five nights in total.

“It’s physically and mentally challenging,” says Clavin.

“Right at the beginning we had to abseil down 80 metres. Then we crossed slippery rocks down to a river. By the time we had waded through it, my legs were full of leeches.”

“The photos are true treasures that will forever remind me of this paradise.”

Seven different animal species, including scorpions and bats, live in the cave system. It even has its own ecosystem with two rainforests.

Malte Clavin’s tour leads past surreal-looking rock formations, crystal-clear lakes and through narrow cave passages. “Some were so small that I had to take off my photo equipment to fit through,” he says. “But despite that exertion: I would do this trip again anytime.” If only it wouldn’t be so costly… 3,500 Euros!

Clavin’s conclusion: “The photos are true treasures that will forever remind me of this paradise.”

Photos: Malte Clavin | Text: Esther Keller

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