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My best investment advice for life

30. November 2022
2 Min.
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2 Min. Here's nothing less than my best investment advice for life. No scam, click bait, I mean it. It's not shares, funds, real estate, valuables, crypto, NFTs etc. It's experiences.

Here are 5 reasons:

✅ 1 Experiences – like adventures, challenges – literally become you. They extend your personality. No other investment can do that.

✅ 2 You will never lose experiences. You carry them with you, in you. No one can take them away from you. Ever.

✅ 3 Experiences always become more valuable over time. As you will grow by them. It’s the only way you will ever grow.

✅ 4 You can always make use of your experiences. Like using tools of a huge toolbox. When life puts a new situation on your plate – that you have to deal with.

✅ 5 What makes you you, is not your money. Not the things you own. Not what you read or think. What makes you you, are your experiences, the things you do. 

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