Luzzone Dam, Switzerland

Climbing the highest artificial route in the world

3. October 2022
2 Min.
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The wall and me
2 Min. Today, I climbed on the highest artificial climbing wall in the world: Luzzone Dam, Switzerland: 165 meters.

Phewww, that was hard!

Mightily impressed, humble and exhausted. That’s how I feel right now – after climbing the first pitch (40 metres) of the highest artificial climbing route in the world (with 650 artificial holds and bolts).

I’m not an experienced climber, but the pictures of the climbers on this vertical wall really blew me away. I wanted to do that too!

Thanks to the preparation by my coach Hannes Klein, the cheering from below – by my climbing buddies from Spain, Japan, France and India – and a certain pinch of personal grit, I succeeded.

A big bow goes to the Adventure Travel Trade Association and Ticino Tourism – you made this unforgettable event possible!



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