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Ice training with Wim Hof in Poland

20. December 2016
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Polen, Riesengebirge. Außentemperatur minus 9 Grad. Sechzig Verrückte aus aller Welt stiefeln in Shorts auf die Schneekoppe (Sniezka). Darunter auch ich - ganz links im Bild. Weiter oben kriegen wir es mit Schneesturm, Windgeschwindigkeiten bis zu 130 km/h und Windchill von -19 Grad zu tun.
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After more than 2 hours in the cold, a layer of ice has formed on the back of my neck. We warm up in the hut on Mount Sniezka before we descend again dressed. I only notice the really amazing thing the next day: nobody sneezes or coughs. No one has caught a cold!

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Ice bath event with 12 participants


Ice bath event with 12 participants

6 Min. Great conversations, lots of fun, breathtaking facts: That’s the conclusion of the private Wim Hof Method Breathing & Ice Bath session my wife and I hosted yesterday in our home and garden in Berlin – powered by Wim Hof trainer Daniel Ruppert. All of us 12 participants jumped into the icy waters.

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