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Valuable concept against doubts

11. April 2022
2 Min.
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2 Min. When I tackle a new project and doubt or hesitate, which is often, I repeat this phrase: "Not easy, but humanly possible, so doable." Like here with a desensitization with a tarantula.

Or let’s take Venezuela. To put it in a very positive way: there are many other countries that are easier to travel. I have not travelled there for four times. This year I said: “Not easy, but humanly possible, so doable.” In May, I will go on an expedition there.

Don’t give in to doubts and hesitation too quickly. First, accept it: “Ok, it’s not easy.” Then ask yourself “Is it humanly possible?” This allows you to see it from a neutral perspective – switching off ego and fears for a few seconds. If you come to a YES – then it might be doable for you as well – you amazing, courageous, adorable human being!

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