The brown lagoon – a bath outside the comfort zone

7. August 2022
4 Min.
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My bath in the lagoon of the Svinafellsjökull.
My bath in the lagoon of the Svinafellsjökull.
4 Min. I have to admit, I’m a bit apprehensive about this upcoming bath. But it turns out to be just the right dose: an exciting tingle, outside my comfort zone, yet far enough away from panic territory.

Focusing on myself, I take off my clothes and carefully step into the water. My very first dip in an iced coffee.

The ‘ice refresher training’ with Andri Einarsson gives me confidence, even more the presence of my buddy Christian. I would not have done this alone.

I swim a few meters toward a shallow iceberg when something in the water bumps into me. It is a subterranean extension.

Although it is only ten centimetres deep in the water, it cannot be detected in the opaque rubble broth.

I catch myself thinking about climbing the small iceberg. But to do so, I would have to find a place that is safe to step on or climb. Besides, I have no experience in climbing icebergs floating in the water. I do know from a trip to the Arctic that icebergs that seem stable can be the complete opposite.

‘Hands off’, I hear the safety-conscious Malte command, ‘Enough for now’. I obey and return to shore.

Sometimes the things you fear the most are the ones where you learn and grow the most.


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