Changing perspectives

A redefinition of fear

29. March 2022
2 Min.
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2 Min. Everything starts with a thought. Here's one: Why not rethink ANGST? And how, pray tell? Let's start by breaking down ANGST, in this case the word, and then put it together with new, empowering terms - so that a new meaning emerges.

I love to play with words: Rhyming, shaking rhymes, combining, reading backwards, shortening, lengthening, inventing new meanings. Inventing new words and disposing obsolete ones – such spring cleaning in the language dwelling keeps your mind supple.

Today we’re going to get rid of ANGST:

A = Accept and embrace fear, don’t avoid it. Watch closely. Analyze. Does this fear make sense? Or is it blocking me? Do I need to overplay it? Avoid it?

N = New interpretation. What if this fear disappeared? How could I disempower this fear? What new freedoms, fields of action would open up?

G = Gestalten. Shape it anew. Put an end to the fear in your head, turn the tables. Plan concrete steps for overcoming fear.

S = Stepwise accomplishments. Take action. Alone or with support. Step by step. With the help of ‘systhematic desensitization’. It’s a proven concept and has helped thousands and thousands. Me too.

T = Transform. Literally becoming someone new – without that paralyzing fear. Your brain has reprogrammed itself. And you will feel that. It’s indescribable.

Read about my first personal ‘fear journey’ – and one of the most powerful growth processes I’ve ever experienced – here.

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Article in the Badische Zeitung

Topless on the Feldberg in winter

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