On foot through Muddus National Park in Lapland

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1. October 2019
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A wide view over the Muddus National Park.
< 1 Min. The tour starts in Luleå in the north of Sweden. During the tour we hike in the Muddus National Park, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Laponia. Three nights in huts or tents, no WiFi, no electricity, no running water. Instead, pure nature and outhouse toilets. Re-poaching - just the way I like it.

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Topless on the Feldberg in winter

Article in the Badische Zeitung

Topless on the Feldberg in winter

9 Min. January 2018, Black Forest, Southern Germany: Together with my Ice Buddies I wad through knee-deep snow, jump into ice-cold lakes and finally boot up the snow-covered Feldberg. All topless, mind you. So what’s it about?

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