Keeping calm amidst a roaring environment

16. June 2022
4 Min.
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4 Min. One of the most fascinating places in Venezuela is this huge waterfall, which you can admire from behind. And then there was something else that amazed me.

Deafening noise, soaking wet clothes, slippery stones – not an easy undertaking, quite respectable and definitely exciting – that is the waterfall I’m in right now.

Then I see Johnny lingering still in the midst of the thundering, raging forces. Nothing can distract him from his calm. I am impressed. My finger presses the shutter release of my camera.

Today, while looking through my Venezuela pictures, I somehow got stuck on this picture – taken exactly 5 weeks ago.

Keeping calm in the midst of a roaring environment – I like that. It is a virtue. It allows you to keep something very important despite whatever noise or bustle buzzes around you: control!

And that is what I wish for you. Have a great time.

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