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In this 100+ page press review, we have collected all publications (GEO, SPIEGEL, Eltern and many more) about our three family trips. Download the complete package now for free and have your family travel dreams take off!

Where do you get an idea like that?!

18 months on the road as a family. Divided into three big trips. In the beginning there was a simple question: Why not? And by the end of the first trip, the only question was: When will we go again?

Of course, we had to overcome the four big challenges: funding, exemption from school, job reintegration, and staying healthy. More about this in our film on YouTube and in the video interviews (to be released soon).

The trailer – a summary in 133 seconds

The most beautiful pictures and scenes from 5 countries, 125 travel days and 600 gigabytes of photo and film files. Be inspired! Learn what travelling with the family is all about – and why it is the best investment in your life.

The film – full-length entertainment

Highly inspiring content from three journeys: in their account’ WORLD-CLASS – The world in a classroom’, daughter Amelie Clavin and dad Malte talk about never ending amazement, playful learning and their encounters with fascinating people and odd animals.

The live photo and film show is a captivating source of inspiration and a tremendous encouragement for those dreaming of family time away.


First Trip

We start out with three backpacks, three plane tickets Berlin-Bangkok and a motto: “The plan is not to have one.” Six months we are adrift throughout Asia, have a beer with a German Vietnam War veteran in Saigon, crawl through caves in Laos and celebrate Amelie’s fifth birthday in Myanmar.

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Second trip

Newcomer Smilla learns to walk in Sri Lanka and trudges right into the hearts of its inhabitants. No trip where Smilla is not kidnapped into arms, petted and, again and again, stuffed with sweets. On top of that: we meet the German ambassador, visit refugee camps, monasteries, well, see for yourself…

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Third trip

The wettest party in the world (Myanmar), the biggest cave in the world (Borneo) and the largest palace in the world (Brunei) – the third trip was all about superlatives.

We were particularly enchanted with the incredibly fascinating flora and fauna of Borneo – with a ‘jungle punk’ as the crown of creation.

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