In the historic domed hall at the Landungsbrücken

Lecture ‘Departure into the unknown’ at the Rotary Club Blankenese, Hamburg

18. April 2024
3 Min.
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Selfie in the harbour club after a successful lecture
Selfie in the harbour club after a successful lecture
3 Min. Yesterday I held my lecture 'Departure into the unknown' at the Rotary Club Blankenese, Hamburg. My heart leapt as I looked from the west dome of the harbour club onto the jetty of the Landungsbrücken.

It was here, 30 years ago, that I set off into new territory: I took the ferry to Bubendey-Ufer. There, in an old villa, I took on my first real photo shoot: a fashion shoot – with a professional photographer, stylists and models! Man, I was so excited!

‘Hamburg, my pearl’, Lotto King Karl whistled in my head as I caught sight of the Landungsbrücken in the sunshine.

I’d like to thank the members of the Rotary Club Blankenese for their attention and enthusiasm! It was a pleasure!

Incomparable, cosmopolitan, gripping: the 180-degree view of Hamburg’s harbour from the Hafen-Klub.

Special thanks to Matthias Kolbusa, Rainer Klug, Elisabeth Poppe, Dominik Lucius – for the invitation, organisation and help on site.

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