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Feeling more confident under water – introductory course

Workshop freediving (Level 1)

Berlin, Indoor-Dive Center

Freediving is the most natural way of moving under water. Everybody can do it. Now we want to dive deeper – in more than one sense – to learn more about ourselves and the element of all elements.

Breathing techniques, body anatomy and situations in the water – we will soon publish more info. If you are interested please mail to

200 Euro


Wim Hof Method & MovNat

Nature weekend retreat


Recharge your batteries, enjoy nature, learn new skills – connect and relax.

No less than three experienced trainers will instruct you in proven and scientifically backed techniques: Wim Hof Method, MovNat Fitness and Neuro Meditation.

549 Euro

11. – 13.02.2022

Nature spectacles + personal growth

Iceland winter experience


This trip is unique: It is my last scouting tour – the next trip after will be commercial, i.e. much more expensive.

Two days intensive workshop with a mega personality boost plus four days spectacular winter adventures in nature, on glaciers and in ice caves.

from 1.800 Euro

26.03. – 02.04.2022

Table mountains & the world highest waterfall – pure adventure!

To the origins of Avatar


Scientists called Venezuela’s waterfall Salto Angel the eighth wonder of the world. The wonderful table mountains inspired James Cameron for his movie Avatar. For me it is the most spectacular landscape on earth.

The expedition is currently in planning – with a most reputable partner in Venezuela. If interested, please email to

Costs not yet known

Approx. 12-14 day in April/May 2022

Pacific, high Andes & primary jungle

Photo trip Ecuador


Here the Pacific coast, Andean Cordillera and Amazon jungle are closer together than anywhere else. Already Humboldt was raving about the country and its people. Countless subjects await our cameras.

The photo trip is currently in planning stage. This time too, we attach great importance to comfortable travel. If you are interested, please mail us:

Costs not yet known

Approx. 12-14 days in the 3./4. quarter 2022

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