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Ice training with Wim Hof in Poland

20. December 2016
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After more than 2 hours in the cold, a layer of ice has formed on the back of my neck. We warm up in the hut on Mount Sniezka before we descend again dressed. I only notice the really amazing thing the next day: nobody sneezes or coughs. No one has caught a cold!
< 1 Min. This short movie shows, how 60 people from all corners of the world learn in just 5 days incredible benefits of breathing exercises and ice baths. The last day, we walked in shorts for 2 hours in -2°F and wind up to 80 mph! Huge thanks to founder and fabulous human being Wim Hof and to his super lovely and highly energetic team for this mesmerizing experience!

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Topless on the Feldberg in winter

Article in the Badische Zeitung

Topless on the Feldberg in winter

9 Min. January 2018, Black Forest, Southern Germany: Together with my Ice Buddies I wad through knee-deep snow, jump into ice-cold lakes and finally boot up the snow-covered Feldberg. All topless, mind you. So what’s it about?

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