Adventure Transformation Weekend

Out of the head – into the experience

Austria – 05. – 07.05.2023

In this intensive weekend you will push boundaries, catapult your mindset and actset to a new level – and master many cool challenges.

Look forward to an update for your personality – more self-efficacy, self-mastery, self-empowerment – and adventure fun with like-minded people.

Learn the unique tools, hacks and methods that make Malte Clavin’s expeditions, challenges and ‘rad stuff’ possible (ice bathing, apnoea diving, skydiving, jungle and desert treks, world trips with family, Nat Geo publications, shows on the biggest screens in Austria and Switzerland etc.).

This is the time for you as an adventurer! Time for experiences that become part of your personality. Experience first-hand, blatant impulses for yourself – as an entrepreneur, discoverer of the extraordinary, private person.

Unchain your ‘inner Indiana Jones’!

Malte Clavin

“People thirst for the extraordinary – I give them that.

Entrepreneurs, C-levels, people who want to achieve something – I show them ‘experiential intelligence’. Your new, self-made experiences – they become part of your personality – they become you.

You literally become a new person – more experienced, wiser, braver, calmer, more self-efficient, more fulfilled! And on top of that, you have lots of cool stories to tell.

Nothing excites me more than accompanying people through this.”

Annette Clavin

“I love to host like-minded people!

Whether it’s a one-day ice bath event at our home, an action weekend or a photo expedition lasting several weeks – I’m your host, your feel good manager.

Yes, I love it when people feel good – I’m really good at that.

I look forward to being brave together with you, to experiencing lots of great, new and exciting things – of course always with a good portion of fun!”

At a glance

  • When: Fri 05 – Sun 07 May 2023
  • Arrival: Friday from 3 pm
  • Departure: Sunday until 1 pm
  • Number of participants: limited to 10
  • Where: Oetztal/Austria – address after registration
  • What: Adventure Mindset & Actset (by Malte Clavin), rafting, canyoning, high ropes course, great people, inspiring talks, accommodation in single room (optional double room) and full board included.
  • Price: From 1.290 Euro (Attention, one-time low introductory price!)
  • Registration: By 30 October 2022 at the latest via the form below (first come, first serve).
  • After registration we’ll send you all the details.

“My biggest motivation?

To challenge myself again and again.”

Richard Branson


Learning about the limits of my body

“I don’t like cold very much. But I like new challenges. Ice bathing is about proper preparation, breathing techniques and getting to know the body’s stress reactions and limits. The workshop was exciting, instructive and the effects on my body … impressive.”

– Fee Beyer, SportsTech Professional

Participant Spring Ice Bath

Experience of my lifetime!

“After experiencing Malte as a keynoter for my 500-strong sales crew from 17 countries, I really wanted to be part of one of his adventures. The time had come in Venezuela. At the highest waterfall in the world, I was speechless – you have to experience that – clearly an ‘experience of my lifetime’. Gladly again!”

– Joachim Geiger, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, TRILUX Group

Participant Venezuela-Expedition

Deeply touched

“Thank you for your joy of life, the mischievous laughter in your eyes, the touching of moments, your enthusiasm for this country and its wonderful people. Thank you for sharing all this with us. I will gladly join you on another journey”

– Malu Salzig, Top Management Coach, Founder UNTERNEHMENSDIALOG

Participant Photo Expedition Burma/Myanmar

Life-changing! Balm for my soul.

“In two words: life-changing! I feel enormously liberated, renewed, inspired. My sphere of influence and experience has expanded significantly. Because I have learned that truth and growth lie beyond the comfort zone. Malte has done a great job of demonstrating this – thanks to his tools, I always stay fully in touch with life.”

– Christian Mareck, Senior Manger, Accenture

Participant Iceland-Experience

Irreplaceable impressions

“Sri Lanka with Annette and Malte was a “pleasure trip” in the truest sense of the word. We lived like royalty and feasted like royalty! And by the way, we also did a little “photography”. Many thanks for your commitment!”

– Uwe Ehlers, Owner news agency, freelance journalist

Participant Photo Expedition Sri Lanka

A wonderful happening

“Breathing sessions, fascinating lectures and careful ice bath accompaniment. Very inspiring conversations. And tasty home cooking from Annette. Many thanks to all!”

– Thomas Dönnebrink, Social Entrepreneur, Ikigai-Coach

Participant New Year Ice Bath

It takes a bit of courage to master this course – everything is double-secured, of course

Yes, I want to be part of this.

Please get in touch with me.